Looking for a network of affiliates equipped to boost conversions and increase brand awareness? Lean Affiliation enables you to reach your objectives.

Operating in the digital age is challenging and competitive, every additional tool or component you utilise could be the influential piece that sets you apart from the competition. It’s not enough to simply be present in terms of performance marketing, you need to run your campaigns with a structured strategy. This is where Lean Affiliation comes in.

After the login you’re greeted with key insights that relate to your campaign perfomance, and have the ability to use a network of reliable affiliates who have been made available on the basis of their content and targeted audience. Our platform is fully transparent so you can track the interactions of your audience and study the path-to-purchase that will facilitate desired results and forecasts. This will whilst opening the door to many global opportunities and you will be supported by a team who possess an in-depth knowledge of the affiliate marketing industry.

The Basics

Our network is a collection of the leading authorities on the internet, and once you’ve employed your campaign with us, you can feature your brand and product with an array of reputable affiliates. Through exposure to their targeted audience, you can leverage your online advertising by delivering high quality visitors to your site.

No Win No Pay

We’ve adopted a no-win-no-pay model, so if you don’t get paid, neither do we. Therefore it’s in our best interest to see you operating optimally and fully utilising our platform. By offering a variety of payment solutions through which you pay a set commission only when you achieve results, our aim is to ensure the campaign you have can be tailored to your desired outcomes.


Launching with TradeTracker is a piece of cake, and you’ll have access after completing our simple application process. You can communicate with a dedicated account manager directly, while there’s also a variety of materials to consult for any questions. A range of support is on hand to make the process an easy one, and we’re always available to help get you on your way.

Virtual Salesforce

Pairing you with the affiliates that best represent your brand or products, and arranging them to advocate or sell your campaign. The exhausting task of searching for affiliates is made easier by the process of them approaching and registering with you. All while you still have ultimate control when determining which affiliates to accept and which transactions to approve.

How to Maximise your Return on Ad Spend?

The process to optimising your ad spend is an ongoing one. Lean Affiliation provides you all the tools you need to formulate the best approach to an ideal spend on media.









State of the Art Dashboards

The process to optimising your ad spend is an ongoing one. Lean Affiliation provides you all the tools you need to formulate the best approach to an ideal spend on media.

  • Proxy VPN Detection & IP Filtering

  • Email Verification & Address Detection

  • Live Lookups

  • Device Fingerprinting

We are leaders in Fraud Detection

Bots and manual fraudsters are ever increasing in sophistication to bypass existing anti-fraud filters. Our suite of anti-fraud tools are adaptive to emerging threats and the latest trends in malicious activity. 

Ready to Take the Next Step?

We are a team of result driven affiliate junkies, devoted to performance and always looking to make the advertising world a better place. Reach out and learn how we can accelerate your online business.

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